Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OH-MI-GHAAAAD!! It's my asian buddy NANCY!!

Guys! meet my friend Nancy Ta.. The one of the closet freaks that still haven't come out yet.. lol..

For the past few days, I always got bored and got nothing to do but to sleep and sleep and sleep. It ended up making me soo depressed.. But then I came to think about of something.. I told myself that I really gotta do something, and move my ass to the reality that everything needs to change.. past is past and there's no way that im going back to that past anymore..

So to entertain myself, i edited some of my friends picture.. This is Nancy Ta my asian buddy who I can count on, on everything.. Thankful to have a friend like her.. well im talking about real friends here.. lol..

Gee and Nancy

Music Rocks


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