Thursday, October 9, 2008

Huge TARE PANDA for Nancy

So, tomorrow's Nancy's 19th birthday. She's funny cuz she asked her mom if she could just stay 18 til' next year cuz she said turning 19 sucks.. (Well it's true cuz first of all 18 is when you become hmmm let say semi-legal, 19 is when you become useless, 20 is when you prepare yourself to be 21 and be officially legal.. NONSENSE but true..) Anyways, I got her something that is panda-ish cuz she's obsessed with pandas. Everything with panda, for her is cute..

This afternoon, I aimed her and I pretend that i like tare panda she said that, she likes them but too however, she doesnt like their face.. =( i felt like crying cuz i already bought her a huge huggable panda toy.. =( and guess what, it's freakin flat faced tare panda!! huhuhuhuuhu.. but imma give this to her tomorrow and see what would be her reaction.. this freakin' creature is damn cute and this stuff toy is huuuuuge! i haven't noticed it till i took it out from the clear plastic wrapper that covers it..

Party's gonna be on Saturday at Brooklyn.. Can't wait for that night and get wasted (?) LOL
Just dinner with friends and movie time.. Sgt. Night baby!!

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