Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My recent issues in life

-First Issue- Weather

Lately, I'm irritated by the fact that the cold season is here, and that means wearing tons and tons of sweater and a heavy jacket, which I really don't like doin' cuz it makes me feel uncomfortable.

-Second Issue- Sleep

I can't freakin' sleep although I'm od tired and mad sleepy. And this is not a good, good, gooood thing for me esp. its my finals week. I can't function very well if I can't get enough sleep. Sooo.. Yeah! I'm being a bitch since monday. Bitching with everything I see, eat, work on and etc.

-Third Issue- Class Activities

It's finals week and this is the most craziest week for the whole entire school year! Every freakin' class, we need to do a presentation. What the hell is that for?! I'd rather take a test than elaborating stuff which is not related to my major. This presentation thingies drives me nuts!

-Fourth Issue- Group Activities

This is the thing I really hate the most in school. Sure, its fun to have activities with your classmates and friends, but when it comes to school related stuff, its better off pairing with other people whom you barely know. Cz you're like obligated (not really) to do your part so that u won't get embarrased and not to depend on your friends.

*I'm so stressed with all of these damn issues. I wanna get through all-a these and unwind.. Can't wait for this week to end.*

One more term - 8 more weeks - 40 days.
And I'm done with school, then.. Hello to the world of real job and Rhode Island... here I come!!


mOoOyeL said...

ibasol tanan sa WEATHER!!!
mu gid na problema cng banwa..

GMG said...

Dale, hope things will get better for you. :) School is really exhausting sometimes! I remembered how it was during my college years and it was not easy. You'll get through this week...just be patient.

L j x 3 said...

@GMG: not only sometimes.. For me school is sooo exhausting especially I go with people who act like they're in the freakin 3rd grade..LOL

Oh well im almost done.. 37 more days.. and im done.. thanks tho..