Monday, October 27, 2008

Going home soon --- but not me..

Philippines or USA?

So yeah, i had a talk with dad and stepmom after dinner and they asked me what are my plans after I finish my AOS degree.. Well, I told them that I want to finish my BA in Rhode Island School of Design and get a job.. Then I asked them why, they told me that they want to go back to Philippines for good and they want us to go back home with them.. But the thing is.. I DONT WANNA!! I don't want to go back home and adjust again.. I'm satisfied that I'm here.. and I guess it's about time that I have to be independent and live my life on my own.. They didn't forced me or anything, it's just that my dad is worried about me cuz, I'll be all alone here.. Like.. ALONE, that means, no dad, no tita, and no ate..

As to my sister, she doesn't wanna go back either, but I guess it's also a good idea if she goes with them.. Cuz, seriously, she needs to finish her schooling..

Oh well, I'm excited to be alone, yet sad cuz if ever my sister decides to go with them, I'm so gonna miss her so much!


mOoOyeL said...

omg.. seriously??
heck! you should move to san francisco! haha

L j x 3 said...

yeah.. seriously.. If only I'm not going to RI for my BA and if my dad would let me move there I would but, i don't think that's gonna happened. And I'm really really loving the life here in the east.. YOU are the one who should be moving here! a lot of fun and opportunities!!