Thursday, November 20, 2008

The new look??

After all the shit that happened to me for the past few months, I guess it's about time to change. Yeah, I want to change everything about me. From my personality to my look. I'm not going to share anything about the changes of my personality cuz I don't feel like talking about it, and I'm still on the process of changing some of them. Just to give you a hint my best friend said I'm now a new person, a better Dale, a stronger Dale. The second thing I did change to myself was of course my style -- hair style. From straight hair to wavy/curly hair. LOL. I noticed that nowadays a lot of girls are dying to have straight hair and those who have straight hair are showing keen interest to have curly/wavy hair.. and I'm one of them.. I admit that curling my hair every morning is the reason why I'm always late for school. LOL.. It's very tiring to curl hair, and I need to put tons of hair products just to stay the curl 'til the end of the day. It gives me headache, but it's ok cuz I know i'll get use to it..

Here is the "now and then" drama of my look

Yeah I'm being vain!! LMAO


mOoOyeL said...

you're so HOT!!!
and I MISS YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

you've got TAG AWARD!

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