Monday, December 15, 2008

Smirnoff & Bacardi

Yehey!! This is it! The last week of school and then I'm done! yes! DONE with my associates degree, and because of that my friends and I started the party. For once we gotta be bad sometimes. Since it's a laid back week, everybody today was just chillaxin' and having fun, making the most of everything before we go to our separate ways. My girls and some of my guy friends did something very memorable today. Well I was surprised when Mo pointed a big plastic bag. I opened it and saw bottles of smirnoff and mike's lemonade. I was surprised when I saw it (obviously) never thought he could sneak those in the classroom. So there, we had the bottles and we were just waiting for Angie. When she came, she opened one smirnoff, put it in a doggie bag and handed to Nancy. Cuz Dale was being nosy and wanted to twist the cap, I did open one bottle for myself. I killed it in 3mins (i guess) and got dizzy after a couple more mins. But hey! the party wasn't over yet. Mo wanted more drink, so he said he want to go out and buy more. I went out with him since I need air and a pack of gum to sober up. We went to a liquor store and he bought five bottles of bacardi. When we came back to school we were informed that our teacher was out and we just need to finish our final presentation (which will start tomorrow). But everybody was happy and slacking off, my friends and I decided to go to the park. There we shared bacardi and smirnoff. But this time, we had a chaser.. SNAPLLE baby! But some of us wanted to try new stuff so one of the girls tried drinking bacardi without the snapple, she said it taste nasty but she kept drinking it. LOL.. We were just in the park for an hour, chillaxin and talking. After that we went back to school for our last class. I guess were all (almost) out and dizzy. But hey! we survived without being caught!

Today was crazy yet one of the best and fun day ever! We're such a bad asses when it comes to this. It was so much fun though. I love my friends to death! They're the coolest people I've ever known. It's sad that we only have three more days (starting tomorrow) left and we going to enter the real world of work. Hope this will not be the end.. I'll miss them sooo much!

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