Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preliminary Porfolio Presentation

I'm so unorganized right now! The preparation for my preliminary presentation is so stressful!! It's driving me insane!!!!
I only have 4 more months and I'm done with my AOS degree in graphic design.. I'm so exhausted right now thinking about what artwork I should put in my portfolio, how to lay it out and what else I can add to it to make it more interesting to the eyes of the employers.. So far I already have more than 8 artwork in my binder and I need like.. 4-5 more artwork..and I'm done.. I'm ready to go..

Can't wait to finish this crap! I want to unwind after this presentation.. I might go to the beach with some of my friends before Marianne leaves the WTC..

As soon as I'm done preparing my portfolio I'm gonna share some pictures of whats in it and hoping for your suggestions and opinions about it.

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macNcheese said...

looking forward to seeing your portfolio.. post it up k??:D