Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's in my Portfolio?

Here na oh! You don't have to remind me over and over again.. LOL.. Luv U mOOyel!! =D

Event Package "Filipino Exposition"

Poster, Tickets, Brochure

Public Service Ads "Helping homeless children"


Humorous Ads "Dental Care"


Exaggeration Ads "Axe Body Spray"


Metaphor Ads "Pillow compared to clouds and feather"

Posters (don't know what happened to first poster)

Illustrations (everything was done using Adobe Illustrator)

Poster and Front Cover of a Magazine

Manipulated Pictures (everything was done using Adobe Photoshop)

dale, jackie, dale

Random Stuff (Adobe Shit)

Cover for Student Poll for the yearbook

Clothing line (original design)

Cover for Student Handbook '08-'09

Surf Boards

Movie Poster

Victorian DropCap


That's it STEENA!! Me tired uploading na.. Those are the stuff I got in my flash drive, some of my work are still in my computer at school.. So.. ARA na ha! bleeeh!!! enjoyeeee!!


macNcheese said...

dapat tanan ya gn upload mo!! hehe.. demanding pa.. lub the illustration pics sis.. as i said.. tapos ang tsura cng 3rd dentist ka pani.. hehe.. hmm.. what else?? oh.. lub the color palette that you used for the pinoy expo and and the poster i lub it.. aylabyootoosiiis

L j x 3 said...

hahaha.. thanks sooo much! i love "earthy" colors so amu na gamit ko nga color scheme sa pinoy expo.. dason ko namn e aflod iban ah! elibin na hu.. "maiskool pko dan bwas!" <<< du 2od eh! as if ga sulod gd bla knu haw.. hahha.. Kibot mga classmates ko kina cuz i showed up.. hahaha.. sa multiply ko post iban nko nga viga.. YM YM YM!!!