Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Links -- Videos and Pictures.. Check it out!

I had so much fun yesterday, in school and during the parade at night.. I went to school wearing jeans, a black sweater and a semi-long coat. Before I entered our classroom I was surprised from what I saw.. My teacher was wearing a baseball hat, jeans, a black polo shirt over a white t-shirt. And the scariest thing about his get up was the mask on his face.. It kinda look like a gorilla but then I asked him what's the design of the mask, (whatever) he said he doesn't even know.. lol but it really looks scary.. After talking to my teacher, I saw batman sitting at the very far end corner of the room doing something on the computer.LOL.. My classmate James Feverier was wearing a full costume batman.. I was cracking up when I saw him, it was cool though. After I saw them with their cool get ups, there's no way I'm not going to wear my costume either.. So I went to the bathroom with Nancy and we changed.. She was batgirl and I was ninja pucca.. LOL..

A month before halloween my friends and I planned that we all gonna dress up as justice league heroes. I was suppose to be wonder woman, but at the eleventh hour, I changed my mind. I went to this halloween store to find a wonder woman costume, and I didn't liked it. So my sister told me to find something else.. I ended up choosing the ninja costume cuz i love the color and it has a belt with a dragon on the center of it..

Check out our pictures and see how crazy we are.. click here
Check out batman dancing in the computer lab.. click here
Check out batman dancing in the sidewalk with a white geisha girl.. click here
Check out batman being a traffic policeman.. click here
Check out batman doing crazy shit outside the library.. click here

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