Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leave me alone, bitch!

Why there are people can't shut their fuckin' big ass mouth and mind their own motherf*ckn' business?!

I'm sooo mad with somebody right now cz this bitch can't freakin' leave me alone. I hate that person for calling me "piece of shit", blaming me that I freakin' hurt her feelings even though I did nothing wrong and telling me I wasted her fuckin' time. In the first place I never asked for her help when I was feeling down. She's not the only person who could freakin help me and cheer me up. If she think that I owe her something, even a 2-minute talk, she's freakin wrong cuz I aint doin' any shit to be her friend again. Why would I make friends with somebody whom I can't trust even a small secret? And now she messaging me telling me she misses our little chats, that I'm the only person she felt like she can act crazy with and be random? YEAH RIGHT!! Sooo highschool.. Like, as if we were bestfriends.. Hey! We're not even close, I don't even know when is her fuckin' birthday, how to spell her name right and where she lives! I hate her so much that I wish she'll vanish like.. POOOF!! And oh! She told me that I'm keeping our friends away from her, DOUBLEYOO-OOOH-DOUBLEYOO!! She's pathetic!! I did nothing!!! Is it my fault that I am closer to them, that I know them very well? HELL NO!! She's a fuckin jealous bitch! FYI, we were friends since day one, she just made friends with us at the eleventh hour. Ugh! Can't this girl ask her self why people hate her?! I just can't stand her, being sooo drama queen, who think she knows everything and anything under the sun.

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Anonymous said...

dude! ako ba to?? haha!