Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oakville, Harold and Sunset Street

It was a nice day today and it felt weird that I don't need to go to skool anymore, however I woke up early cuz I wanted to clean my room and fold my clean clothes. But I ended up watching tv shows like Maury, Jerry Springer, Rachel Ray and The Tyra Banks Show. So yeah I was a bum for like four hours. Then when the clock strike at 1p.m I started to prepare myself cuz I'm going to visit my sickie friend Marianne who lives in Oakville. It's not really that far from my house but yeah I have to take 2 buses in order to get there. I brought her the new flavor of Doritos chips (spicy and sweet) and it's really2 good. I got to her house around 2-ish and we chilled, ate the doritos, drank the vitamin water that we both like and jz talked. I was at her house for like 3hrs. I left around 630-ish, and by the time I got at the bus stop between Harold and Sunset Street there was a girl that was waiting for the bus. She was wearing a red hat, red scarf that was covering half of her face, a silky gray heavy jacket, jeans with chains on it and sneaks. She has a cart which is full of garbage and a McDonald coffee cup sticking out from the garbage bag that was in the cart. So 20mins had passed and the bus still didn't arrived so I was talking to myself.. I was like "why is this bus late?" then the girl turned to looked at me and started to yell at me..She was like "i dont know! why would you ask me?!" I was so surprised and I totally ignored her, but this girl is a psycho! I was indulging myself listening music from my ipod and she's busy yelling at me screaming something to me. So I got really scared cuz I'm with a random crazy bitch! so I texted my friend Marianne to come pick me up at the bus stop cuz a lunatic girl was yelling at me and she was also screaming to all the cars that's making a 10sec stop before crossing the intersection. While I was waiting for Marianne I was thinking some "what if" random stuff. In my head I was like "What if she walks towards me then stab me? or what if she'll push that cart towards me then hit me on my knee then I'll fall on the ground, then she'll be sitting on top of me, stabbing me till i die.. OMG!! I can't die two days before Christmas!!" LMAO.. So after 10 minutes Marianne came with her dog dusty, we went back to her block and waited for the girl to get on the bus. We actually walked one more block just to see if the crazy girl was still at the bus stop. During the first try of sneaking the lunatic was still there, it took like 15 minutes till the bus of the bitch came. I got on my bus at 710-ish and got home around like 8.

That was the highlight moment and the scariest moment that I had in my whole life here in Staten Island.. Nobody yelled at me like the lunatic girl did to me. That shit was scary and unforgettable.

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