Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Back

OH-EMMMMM-GEEEEEE!!! Dale is back!

Unfortunately, I'm back with my nonsense stories.. The truth is, I have nothing to share that's why I haven't updated my blog for so long.. Well I was busy with work lately and got no time for everything. I'm always tired and moody that I don't wanna go online and do some stuff. But now, since I'm bored and got nothing to do I decided to write some random stuff just to kill the time.

Well my New Year started pretty good and so far I'm loving the 2009. I met new friends and I love my job cuz it's fun to be out there even though it's too damn cold to be out working. But obviously, I'm just keeping myself busy so I wont'/ wouldn't think of things that can make me upset and depress.

I'm so happy I'm done with my AOS degree and finally I'm gonna have a "REAL" job soon!! (Yehey for that) and I can save more so I can go visit my Mom on May.

That's all for now cuz I'm getting lazy to type cuz my hands are getting cold and I'm actually shaking.. sooo.. Peace!!

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