Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Yesterday I spent my whole day at my friends house, Nancy. She's like my little sister and she's my first Asian buddy here in America. She's nice and fun to be with, but hey she can be wicked sometimes. One of my friends back home told me that Nancy has the fragile beauty, well it's true.. she's 19 but she looks like 12.

Anyways, I was at her house yesterday celebrating the Chinese New Year. Cuz obviously Nancy's is Chinese (although she always say that she's Vietnamese). I had a chance to go to a Buddhist temple and witness how their religion goes. Inside the temple there were small rooms with altars. But the one that we went in was a big room with a huge silver (i guess) Buddha. There was yellow flowers everywhere and the room smelled like tobacco from the smoke of the incense. After staying inside the room for like 20mins, Nancy and I went out for the smell was too strong that our eyes and nose started to hurt. It was like 3-ish when we went back to Brooklyn and we just chilled in her house.

I had fun celebrating the Chinese New Year cuz I got to meet my friend's uncles, aunties and cousins.


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