Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NOBODY can stop me -- and my bitches!

Heck yeah!! nobody.. nobody can stop me to go to RISD..

At last! I did it! I already applied for RISD.. I'm just hoping that I could get in.. Can't wait to get the hell out of New York and start my life, living all alone and be independent.. My plans are all set and I'm ready to go with my bitches.. Yeah, it's not only Nancy's going with me.. I'm dragging my mommy Jack, too!! We're all excited to discover the life in Rhode Island.. I hope this is not surreal.. I really want this to happen.. All I can do now is to focus in my studies and do something to make all-a these happen..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Going home soon --- but not me..

Philippines or USA?

So yeah, i had a talk with dad and stepmom after dinner and they asked me what are my plans after I finish my AOS degree.. Well, I told them that I want to finish my BA in Rhode Island School of Design and get a job.. Then I asked them why, they told me that they want to go back to Philippines for good and they want us to go back home with them.. But the thing is.. I DONT WANNA!! I don't want to go back home and adjust again.. I'm satisfied that I'm here.. and I guess it's about time that I have to be independent and live my life on my own.. They didn't forced me or anything, it's just that my dad is worried about me cuz, I'll be all alone here.. Like.. ALONE, that means, no dad, no tita, and no ate..

As to my sister, she doesn't wanna go back either, but I guess it's also a good idea if she goes with them.. Cuz, seriously, she needs to finish her schooling..

Oh well, I'm excited to be alone, yet sad cuz if ever my sister decides to go with them, I'm so gonna miss her so much!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Personality Survey

Am I like this?!

Are you shy?: Kinda

Are you selfish?: NOO

Are you spoiled?: yeah

Are you giving?: yeah

Would you walk by an old lady carrying groceries?: depends.. if she's mean, ill think about it.. LOL

Do you flirt with your best friends boyfriend or girlfriend?: hell no

Do you spend most of your free time on Myspace?: nope

Do you lie when someone asks you "Do I look o.k. with this on?"?: no

Are you conceided?: nopers

Do you go out of your way to get attention?: no

Do you go out of your way to help someone?: hmmmm not really, it depends on the situation

Do you get into arguments a lot with people other than your siblings?: no. not a big fan of arguments

Have you ever kissed someone who is just a friend?: no

Do you watch Dora the explorer?: HELL NO.. she's scary!! and her friend Diego!

Do you believe in Magic?: sometimes

Do you talk back to your parents?: Big NO NO

Have you ever threatened someone?: yeah.. LMAO

Are you afraid of the dark?: sometimes

Would you prefer Spongebob or CSI?: CSI

Have you ever lied to make someone happy?: yeah

Does your Myspace picture show a picture of your face or your body?: face

Would you prefer soda or Juice?: Juice

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oni and Mia (first part)

These are my new cartoon charaters..I made them using the Adobe Illustrator..

About the Characters:
Oni-- is the guy who really loves Mia. He'll do anything for her.. He's patient, loving, caring and understanding boyfriend to her..

Mia-- a brat, ditsy, spoiled, funny girlfriend of Oni. She loves to tease him and make silly jokes to make him smile.. she loves Oni as much as Oni loves her..

These are just some of the drawings i have for now..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My recent issues in life

-First Issue- Weather

Lately, I'm irritated by the fact that the cold season is here, and that means wearing tons and tons of sweater and a heavy jacket, which I really don't like doin' cuz it makes me feel uncomfortable.

-Second Issue- Sleep

I can't freakin' sleep although I'm od tired and mad sleepy. And this is not a good, good, gooood thing for me esp. its my finals week. I can't function very well if I can't get enough sleep. Sooo.. Yeah! I'm being a bitch since monday. Bitching with everything I see, eat, work on and etc.

-Third Issue- Class Activities

It's finals week and this is the most craziest week for the whole entire school year! Every freakin' class, we need to do a presentation. What the hell is that for?! I'd rather take a test than elaborating stuff which is not related to my major. This presentation thingies drives me nuts!

-Fourth Issue- Group Activities

This is the thing I really hate the most in school. Sure, its fun to have activities with your classmates and friends, but when it comes to school related stuff, its better off pairing with other people whom you barely know. Cz you're like obligated (not really) to do your part so that u won't get embarrased and not to depend on your friends.

*I'm so stressed with all of these damn issues. I wanna get through all-a these and unwind.. Can't wait for this week to end.*

One more term - 8 more weeks - 40 days.
And I'm done with school, then.. Hello to the world of real job and Rhode Island... here I come!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got something for her!

This short story board is for Nancy..

Done using abode illustrator.. hmmmm cuz im not that good in drawing using pen and paper.. (>^-^)> dale sux in drawing!!!<(^-^<)

Story board #1

Story board #2

I got a present!!!

Thanks Nancy..

It's for DALE!!!! For me!!!

What's inside?
A cute panda and zebra!!!

Nancy's last name

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Huge TARE PANDA for Nancy

So, tomorrow's Nancy's 19th birthday. She's funny cuz she asked her mom if she could just stay 18 til' next year cuz she said turning 19 sucks.. (Well it's true cuz first of all 18 is when you become hmmm let say semi-legal, 19 is when you become useless, 20 is when you prepare yourself to be 21 and be officially legal.. NONSENSE but true..) Anyways, I got her something that is panda-ish cuz she's obsessed with pandas. Everything with panda, for her is cute..

This afternoon, I aimed her and I pretend that i like tare panda she said that, she likes them but too however, she doesnt like their face.. =( i felt like crying cuz i already bought her a huge huggable panda toy.. =( and guess what, it's freakin flat faced tare panda!! huhuhuhuuhu.. but imma give this to her tomorrow and see what would be her reaction.. this freakin' creature is damn cute and this stuff toy is huuuuuge! i haven't noticed it till i took it out from the clear plastic wrapper that covers it..

Party's gonna be on Saturday at Brooklyn.. Can't wait for that night and get wasted (?) LOL
Just dinner with friends and movie time.. Sgt. Night baby!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

For S.T.E.E.N.A --- MOOyel!!

want some...

poki sticks bla sis haw.. poki sticks!!