Saturday, July 3, 2010

Im frustrated to the HIGHEST LEVEL

So we're on the second week of summer and the weather's getting nicer and hotter. But unfortunately I'm getting frustrated with everything that's going on. What I'm really expecting for this summer is fun and exciting trips, however making plans with the family's making me upset really bad. I took off from work so I can enjoy the first few weeks of this hot season but then I ended up being locked up in our house. Six days off for nothing!!! Planning trip with the family isn't going too well lately, it's either they'll postpone it or change it. Can anyone be so upset slash frustrated than that, after you bailed out on your friends?! This is really grimy!! Staying in the house isn't fun esp if you live in a country where hot season only last for three freakin' months!! I want to enjoy my summer!! I want to have fun!! and I dont want to make plans if it's not gonna happen anyway! Now I'm almost back to being slave at my job, and I reeeaaaally can't believe I asked six days off and never enjoyed it! I learned my lesson now, since this isn't the first time that happened. UGH!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's 2010 and I want something NEW

It's been a while since I poured out my heart through writing. Now, I really don't wanna run to nobody. I just wanna be all alone and try to figure out what I really want to do with my life. The fact that I'm always feeling lonely really doesn't help with my situation right now. I have a lot of friends, I know there's a lot of people surrounds me that loves me no matter what the reasons or what kind of a person I turned out to be. But, I'm still searching for that thing that could make me soooooooo damn happy. I have no idea what it is but I know that in time, ill find it and that will satisfy me.

This 2010, I'm expecting a lot of good things to happen. I want to be more independent, I want a new and better job. I am expecting new people to come to my life and bring some positive view as I grow up. I want a new life..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 - 1

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People.

1. I don't like you, so stop talking to me.

2. You're so annoying that I juz wanna shut you down.

3. Im sorry, I know I did something wrong.

4. What are you wearing?! u look like a clown.

5. OMG! shut up! u talk too much!

6. I don't want to be here, I want to go home

7. Uhm, how and where the hell in the world u get my number?

8. I don't want to see you today.

9. Stay away from me cuz u stink!

10. I got my shirt for $30 and why do i look better than you? BITCH!

Nine ways to win my heart.

1. make me feel im special
2. play fight with me
3. DO NOT treat me like a princess
4. DO NOT give me all your attention
5. make friends with my friends
6. DO NOT get mad cuz i cant see you or talk to you today
7. DO NOT lie to me - Ill appreciate if u being honest with everything
8. make me smile/laugh all the time
9. respect me

Eight things that cross my mind a lot.

1. "what time is the bus coming?"
2. vacation -- beaches
3. bills
4. my baby sis
5. cold stone (lately)
6. "where the hell is my phone?!"
7. tattoo
8. Skittles!!

Seven things I do before I fall asleep

1. shower
2. beauty rituals
3. facebook
4. set my alarm
5. charge my phone
6. find some good movie to watch
7. cuddle with pillow and blankee

Six people who mean a lot. (in no order whatsoever)

1. Mommy
2. big sis
3. lil' sis
4. Tonet
5. Nancy
6. Ill leave this for someone special

Five things you're wearing right now.

1. underwear
2. shorts
3. tank top
4. anti-abuse bracelet
5. male and female sign ring

Four songs that you listen to often.

1. Lucky
2. Walk through hell
3. mi cama huele a ti
4. kiss me thru the phone

Three things that annoy you.

1. people who tickles me a lot
2. people who cant mind their own business *nosy bitches*
3. a person who's restricting me on things I want to do

Two things you want to do before you die.

1. back packing
2. see the sun to rise up

One confession.
1. i farted. LMAO.. JK.. got nothing to confess..

Friday, April 10, 2009

I never knew how it feels like... till she left.

Last night was my sister's last night in the US. She went back home to Philippines to finish her studies. I know she's scared so I butt in my silly jokes just to make her feel better. I'm scared for her too, like how is she gonna survive, who's gonna cheer her up if she's sad, who's gonna watch scary movie with her at night before she goes to bed.. Stuff like that.. I'll miss her so much although sometimes she's so annoying and stubborn.. I never expected that I'm gonna cry this morning when I woke up.. I thought of my sister and realized that she's really not here anymore, that I'm alone. This isn't the first time we've been separated but now it's a whole lot different cuz of the closeness we have.

Before when my friends asked me "what are you gonna do if your sis isn't here anymore?" I always answer them "I'm gonna have so much fun!" But now my answer is "Nothing, i'm just gonna miss her soooo much... and CRY"

***I miss you sis, from the second you turned ur back and walked away. A month is sooo long.. But ill see you soon.. I love you..***

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last words for my WTC family..

Finally, I graduated yesterday. Yeah, after all the sacrifices, competitions, dramas and funny moments, incident reports, presentations every end of the term, midterms, pop up quizzes, yellings and swearing, school trips, obeying the dress code, breaking the walls, chasing each other inside the building, hanging out near and under the stairway, video and picture taking, lunch breaks in a fancy restaurants, malling after school, taking the subway with other students, finally, everything became a mementos from Wood Tobe-Coburn School.. I'm happy that I finally finished my AOS course yet I feel sad for I will no longer see some of my classmates, who became a part of me. Yes, true, they can be annoying, dickheads, and assholes most of the time but there's a soft part in my heart where they belong. I'll miss all the yellings and swearing they've been doing every morning when we get in to our first class.

I'll miss my "partner-in-crime" Marianne, though we live in the same island, I know we're not gonna be able to hangout like we used to hangout before. Surely I'll miss her morning complains about the bus driver, people on the bus, traffic and her tummy.

I'll miss my "little sister" Nancy. Yeah I know I hangout with her a lot and we get to see each other every morning on the train and boat. Yet it's still not the same as like before cuz she's working at Ellis and I'm working at Liberty. I'll miss her complains every time she's mad.. She be bitching with everything!

I'll miss Diana. Her being funny and caring attitude fooled me. She can be mean sometimes, but hey she's thoughtful. I remember when she brought three choco chip cakes for me, Nancy and Norma. That was really yummy btw. Dia, I'll miss you woman!

I'll miss my "girl friend" Norma. This chick can kick ass! black belter in kickboxing? wow! don't mess with her! I'll miss her voice!!! yeah, cuz she barely talk and when she start talking, you'll know she has a smart mouth too. I'll miss her company, her laugh, her being caring and everything about her. I don't know when I'm gonna see her again.

To all my classmates who made me laugh all the time, to Jackie, Moshe, Oscar, Little Lui, Caveman, Darrel, Charlie, Arsenio, James, and Marques thank you for the happy moments.

For all the graphic designers I barely talk to who also became a part of me: Martha, John, Urb, Beatrice, Solomon, Ricardo, Victor, Sho, Devin, and Sean.. good luck with everything..

To Ms. K thanks for having the patience teaching us. I once heard you said, that our classroom is a jungle and I still laugh every time I remember that cuz it's really true. I'll miss your voice, like when you're yelling at us to lower the volume of our computer. I thank you for the things you taught us, it really helped us a lot. I want to apologize for not giving you the design of the cover page for the ticket and program sheet for the graduation.

Thank you to my Wood Tobe-Coburn Family.

All the memories will be treasure and it will always stay in my heart.


Congratulations to all of us! More power and blessings to come!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brisk made me feel alright

Although it's freezing to death today I still went to work. WHY? Cuz I don't want to stay home and waste my time thinking about all the bullshit that's going on in my life. I need to do something to forget all the bad things that all bitches, whores and haters doing to me. Oh well, so yeah I went to work though it's freaking cold that I can't even feel my ears. I was killing the time by running around the store, assisting costumers, talking to my co-workers and ate tons of chocolates and chips. So from morning till afternoon I basically kept myself busy, so I won't feel the cold and not to think of things that could make me feel upset. See what brisk can do? It makes you forget things!! LOL..

So yeah, it was 5-ish when I got on the boat with my friend Andrew. He made me laugh with his silly stories and jokes. Then his cousin Mark came, and started talking smart things about Andrew. So the whole entire ride, I was laughing. Well thanks to them for making me feel better.. I'm so thankful and happy that I have friends that really cares about me.. I hope that all the haters in life would be like these people. Just mind their own business and not talking any shit to other people..

I love the brisk! so many things to do to forget all the bullshits in life..