Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brisk made me feel alright

Although it's freezing to death today I still went to work. WHY? Cuz I don't want to stay home and waste my time thinking about all the bullshit that's going on in my life. I need to do something to forget all the bad things that all bitches, whores and haters doing to me. Oh well, so yeah I went to work though it's freaking cold that I can't even feel my ears. I was killing the time by running around the store, assisting costumers, talking to my co-workers and ate tons of chocolates and chips. So from morning till afternoon I basically kept myself busy, so I won't feel the cold and not to think of things that could make me feel upset. See what brisk can do? It makes you forget things!! LOL..

So yeah, it was 5-ish when I got on the boat with my friend Andrew. He made me laugh with his silly stories and jokes. Then his cousin Mark came, and started talking smart things about Andrew. So the whole entire ride, I was laughing. Well thanks to them for making me feel better.. I'm so thankful and happy that I have friends that really cares about me.. I hope that all the haters in life would be like these people. Just mind their own business and not talking any shit to other people..

I love the brisk! so many things to do to forget all the bullshits in life..


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