Saturday, July 3, 2010

Im frustrated to the HIGHEST LEVEL

So we're on the second week of summer and the weather's getting nicer and hotter. But unfortunately I'm getting frustrated with everything that's going on. What I'm really expecting for this summer is fun and exciting trips, however making plans with the family's making me upset really bad. I took off from work so I can enjoy the first few weeks of this hot season but then I ended up being locked up in our house. Six days off for nothing!!! Planning trip with the family isn't going too well lately, it's either they'll postpone it or change it. Can anyone be so upset slash frustrated than that, after you bailed out on your friends?! This is really grimy!! Staying in the house isn't fun esp if you live in a country where hot season only last for three freakin' months!! I want to enjoy my summer!! I want to have fun!! and I dont want to make plans if it's not gonna happen anyway! Now I'm almost back to being slave at my job, and I reeeaaaally can't believe I asked six days off and never enjoyed it! I learned my lesson now, since this isn't the first time that happened. UGH!!!!

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