Friday, April 10, 2009

I never knew how it feels like... till she left.

Last night was my sister's last night in the US. She went back home to Philippines to finish her studies. I know she's scared so I butt in my silly jokes just to make her feel better. I'm scared for her too, like how is she gonna survive, who's gonna cheer her up if she's sad, who's gonna watch scary movie with her at night before she goes to bed.. Stuff like that.. I'll miss her so much although sometimes she's so annoying and stubborn.. I never expected that I'm gonna cry this morning when I woke up.. I thought of my sister and realized that she's really not here anymore, that I'm alone. This isn't the first time we've been separated but now it's a whole lot different cuz of the closeness we have.

Before when my friends asked me "what are you gonna do if your sis isn't here anymore?" I always answer them "I'm gonna have so much fun!" But now my answer is "Nothing, i'm just gonna miss her soooo much... and CRY"

***I miss you sis, from the second you turned ur back and walked away. A month is sooo long.. But ill see you soon.. I love you..***

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